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Thefreesite Com Free Software Free Unzip Utilities __EXCLUSIVE__

Video downloaders are special applications dedicated to this purpose. They have unique features like pause, resume the download, save it anywhere you want, download quality selection, etc. Numerous such applications are available for desktops, smartphones, and browsers. To help you select the best one, we have prepared a list of free video downloaders for such devices.

thefreesite com free software free unzip utilities


VideoProc is a video editing tool developed by Digiarty and includes video downloader support. It is a paid software, but the free version can be used to download videos. The video downloader support was added for the fair use policy.

It allows downloading entire playlists from any streaming site, and that too at ultra-fast speeds. A unique feature of YTD is its quick link grabber tool; it quickly identifies the type of link, reads it, and then processes it to download. The free version has some demerits, such as downloading and converting only one video at a time. Almost half of the available features on the downloader home view are included in the paid version.

aTube Catcher has been in the downloading video field for 14 years and is one of the best applications for desktops. It is entirely free, and besides support for downloading videos, it also offers a video converter, audio capture, and video converter.

4K Video Downloader is the best free YouTube downloader. It is straightforward, ad-free, and does not contain any additional software. It is pretty easy to download YouTube videos using a 4K video Downloader; you only need to copy the URL, paste it into the search box, and select the quality and location of the download. You can download both video and audio files using this application.

Besides this, VideoProc and YTD Video Downloader are the best free downloaders to download YouTube videos. Also, you can use the online downloads mentioned. Next, they work great for downloading YouTube videos.

Y2Mate is an online downloader that makes it much less hectic to download YouTube videos. You can copy the video URL and paste it into the search box, or you can also search for your video directly. Since it is an online downloader, you can access it from any device. It allows downloads in MP3, MP4, 3GP, FLV, MO, and WMV formats. It also has an extension for browsers. The best part is that it is entirely free.

TikTok Downloader is an online downloading tool dedicated to downloading TikTok videos in HD quality. Besides the website, they now have an android app too. The best part about TikTok downloader is that the downloaded videos have no watermark, a rare feature in free tools.

The phrase "GNU not Unix" have a very special meaning indeed, probably unanticipated by Richard Stallman ;-). For me often (but not always) using GNU utilities and other software ported from Unix to Windows is easier and provide more consistent environment then usage of native Windows tools. Unixification of Windows means maximization of the usage of command line tools and scripting including classic Unix tools and utilities. It also means provideing emulation for some important protocols like X11 nad NFS. among them

Windows has a powerful capabilities on the command line that are severely underutilized by most users. Actually Microsoft supports developers well and provides a lot of free or semi-free utilities.Windows Resource Kits are one such example. They are essentially collections of pretty powerful command line utilities. Unfortunately they are not very popular and are definitely underutilized. I see creating your own powerful collection of command line utilities as an optimal way of using Windows in both personal and enterprise environments and Resource kit utilities as SFU are important components of this collection.

Microsoft has worked with Canonical to offer a full Ubuntu-based Bash shell that runs atop this subsystem. Technically, this isn't Linux at all. Linux is the underlying operating system kernel, and that isn't available here. Instead, this allows you to run the Bash shell and the exact same binaries you'd normally run on Ubuntu Linux. Free-software purists often argue the average Linux operating system should be called "GNU/Linux" because it's really a lot of GNU software running on the Linux kernel. The Bash shell you'll get is really just all those GNU utilities and other software.

There are some limitations here. This won't work with server software, and it won't work with graphical software. It's intended for developers who want to run Linux command-line utilities on Windows. These applications get access to the Windows file system, but you can't use Bash commands to automate normal Windows programs, or launch Bash commands from the standard Windows command-line. They get access to the same Windows file system, but that's it. Not every command-line application will work, either, as this feature is still in beta.

Windows pricing is hard to compare, because its so variable. A copy of XP pro over the three year life of a PC is less than RHWS; but add on the cost of CAL licenses to network infrastructure (exchange, file servers) and the price of a PC rises. Same for server installs -the cost of the database scales with the number of users you want to support.On the other hand, if you are a developer with an MSDN subscription, you get all of windows, office, much of visual studio for a flat rate, less than an AS subscription. Microsoft treats developers well.But Fedora? To increase the value of the paid products, RH had to reduce the value of the free ones. Fedora achieves that. I don't see why we 'community' developers, whose of us who write the stuff that ships with RHAS, have to suffer on an unstable distro with no support for products like VMWare. Here I am, working on things for no money, and yet RHEL still treat me as a leech who deserves low stability junk. If I want that, I'd use MS Vista:)

The free VMware Server represents the upgrade path for all GSX Server customers. Once VMware Server is generally available, which is currently planned for Q2 2006, it will replace GSX Server as VMware's hosted server virtualization offering. At that time, VMware will also start offering Support and Subscription services for VMware Server for purchase.

All these utilities in this list have been featured in past issues of of my free monthly newsletter "Support Alert" More freebies are featured in every new issue. If you are interested in great utilities and freeware you really should considersubscribing. It's free.

  • I'll try my best:* Avalon: a new user interface subsystem and API based on XML,.NET, and vector graphics.* Indigo: a service-oriented messaging system to allow programs to interoperate as part of the .NET framework.* WinFX: a new API replacing the current Win32 API (there's of course still Win32 + Win64)* .NET framework 2.0 (the foundation for Longhorn)* WGF - Windows Graphic Foundations* DirectX 10 which will further merge pixel and vertex shaders and introduce new technologies for 3D rendering.* Lower user privileges (IE 7 will run in these on Longhorn)* Included compiler (msbuild)* New driver model and improved kernel/driver loading (drivers get "unloaded" in realtime if they become unstable) - also drivers get loaded quicker in the boot process so you can enjoy higher res/color depth while booting - also improved is boot speed and install time.* New MS Installer* New document format competitive to PDF* An application deployment engine ("ClickOnce")* Improvements in the ClearType font rendering technology + new system fonts* New desktop search capabillities* Improved security through lower privileged accounts and services* Full support for the "NX" (No-Execute) feature of processors.* New graphic user interface (Aero) using vector graphics for rendering.That's everything I could come up and google within 10 minutes. Those are pretty much the biggest improvements that we know about. Then there are of course a lot of improvements on the device drivers, the way Windows handles drivers, wireless conectivity etc. The main code branch is built upon Windows Server 2003 SP1.This is still 2 years away from release so I'm sure they can come up with more stuff. Hell, AFAIK Monad and WinFS will be available as free add-ons later on (SP probably). Split reality (Score:5, Interesting)by ProfaneBaby (821276) on Friday June 10, @05:48PM (#12784612)( )While the standard DOS shell is nearly useless, WMI is still pretty damn powerful. It has problems (most people in production lock it down, which will break a lot of the truly useful uses for it), but it makes this statement:Microsoft Watch reports that Exchange 12 administration functions will be built atop Monad, which would enable users to do everything from the command line that can be done from the graphical interface.Almost redundant. You can already write scripts with WMI that will let you do MOST of the things in Exchange that you would want to do from the command line, and once it's in the script, it's at least semi-permanent.Even in UNIX, I tend to write scripts when there's more than 5 commands (even if the commands are all piped together into a single command) - I may know it well enough not to see it later, but my assistant tends to find the scripts very useful for his learning and library.Re:Monad the name? (Score:3, Informative)by Barlo_Mung_42 (411228) on Friday June 10, @06:31PM (#12785112)( )I'm glad you asked so I can finally get my money's worth out of a philosophy class I once took.The name comes from the philosopher Gottfried Leibniz. He had this idea that existence was made up of these atomic building blocks of experience. They link together and form all that we know about the world around us. These Monads make up the composite of possibilities that form our "best of all possible worlds." [Parent ] 1 reply beneath your current threshold.

  • Re:Monad the name? (Score:2) by snorklewacker (836663) on Friday June 10, @06:33PM (#12785124)It's not related to Haskell monads, no. However, Haskell syntax tends to be a lot like piping, and lazy lists act like streams. One of monad's biggest features is the ability to pipe arbitrary objects around, and this will allow in its own way lazy evaluation to become ubiquitous in C# code (especially if you can take your same lazy list generators from C# and plug them into Cw code). I suspect the name is just paying homage. [Parent ] Re:Monad the name? (Score:2, Insightful)by Bambi Dee (611786) on Friday June 10, @06:33PM (#12785128)The word's ancient (and Greek) and does not imply functional programming. The Monad shell follows an object oriented approach. TheWikipedia article on MSH [] explains this. There's an external link to what might just be a video I've seen before: a developer demos Monad and the way objects, rather than plain text, are piped between commands... or whatever; I'm not the one to explain this. Monads and Unix Pipes (Score:2) by exp(pi*sqrt(163)) (613870) on Friday June 10, @06:54PM (#12785302)(Last Journal:Monday January 06, @11:36PM) It may have something to do withthis []. (Though to be honest, it wouldn't take much stretching beyond the ideas in that web page to argue that BASIC is a functional programming language that uses monads.) [Jul 10, 2005] - Software Wholesale Price for Business Guarantee 100% Reliable Software!Price: $20.00Microsoft Windows XP 2002 Pro Professional OEM Reinstallation Restore CD for Dell PC Brand New Genuine Dell CD. Will install on Dell computers that have this OS as native (sticker contains Windows XP key) without CD key. NO CoA included but you MUST have own CoA to certify legitimate installation.

  • Price: $10.00Microsoft Windows XP 2002 Pro Professional OEM Reinstallation Restore CD For Compaq PC

  • Price: $4.00Cyberlink Power DVD 6.0 Player Software CD

[Jul 10, 2005]Microsoft's Ballmer tells lurvely partners to stick it to IBM The Register Steve Ballmer has lambasted IBM, Linux and SAP while exhorting thousands of partners to bet their next 10 years on Windows and Microsoft services.


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