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Windows 10 Crashes When Going To Sleepl

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Windows 10 Crashes When Going To Sleepl


So this has been happening pretty much since I got it. I am on Windows 10 Home and Windows Update says I am up to date as of today. Every once in a while, when my computer goes to sleep it crashes with a black screen. The power led stays on, and the hard drive and fans are spinning, but the screen is black, the keyboard and mouse will not respond, including the caps lock light and the backlight button (which I thought was OS independent...), and the battery drains as if the computer is in use. This happens whether I shut the lid or just leave the computer on long enough to fall asleep. The only way to get out of this is to hold the power button to shut it off and then turn it back on. I've searched through guides but the results I've found have either point to a windows update issue from a few years ago (I've updated since then) or to people who built desktops themselves and had hardware issues.

Sleep mode can save your monitor from burn-in and prevent your PC from wasting its battery life. As such, when your Windows 10 PC doesn't go to sleep, it can cause general instability, reduced power efficiency, frequent kernel hangs, and crashes.

My computer no longer goes into sleep mode, it hangs up and eventually crashes. Windows and HP updates are current (though I do get a message saying "a current driver on your pc may be better than the driver we're trying to install" when windows update tries to install 'HP Inc. - SoftwareComponent -' and 'HP Inc. - SoftwareComponent - 1.24.2054.0'). The crashdump seems to point to tcpip.sys as shown below. I believe the issue started around July.

Windows 10 or 11, nvidia video card, latest driver. The G9 and Neo G9 have been crashing my PC for almost two years now, every time I switch it off and or, or windows puts it in standby, or when I switch to another secondary monitor, or even when I toggle games between fullscreen and not. I've been reporting it to nvidia without ever getting an answer. Given I get a crash almost every day (seems like the video driver crashes with no way to restore it, audio keeps playing in the background for some seconds).My guess is that this monitor sends an invalid signal to the GPU (in my case RTX 3090) which makes it crash. The GPU probably shouldn't crash but the monitor also shouldn't be sending invalid signals to it.More on that here: _odyssey_g9_crashes_my_pc_when_s...There are tons of people suffering from the same issue.

When I view the status of other devices on my phone, my laptop will often suddenly be undetectable to my phone, even when it is still running. Usually this means that the computer client is going to crash soon.

Local files are shown but I do mot have any anyway. The program is an exception in firewall and windows defender. I tried safe mode, but it crashed also, and there is no error to screenshot, it just stops and disappears. There is an unreasonable amount of spotify icons listed in task manager and the taskbar tray too, maybe ten or more. I also tried just having it running without playing music and it still crashes like clockwork. 350c69d7ab


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