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Hall And Oates Torrent Greatest Hits ((NEW))

Perhaps these things are not strictly in line withrecollections of camp life, but they form part of thehistory of the Confederate soldier, whose strugglesfor the supremacy of his race, will shine resplendentin history, when the recollection of his valor onbloody fields will be forgotten and the monuments tohis foes shall have crumbled into dust. Englandsought to dishonor the decaying bones of Cromwell,her greatest son, but time, which sets all thingseven has seen a monument erected to his memory.The feuds and wars which originated in the BritishIsles before the days of Julius Caesar, were happilyconcluded when a Scottish king inherited and saton the throne of England, but the traditions of barbariousdeeds, such as the massacre of Glencoe, yetlive in the hearts of the people on the border land,and the fame of Flora Macdonald's devotion toCharles the Pretender, shines with a purer light thanthat of the bloody Duke of Cumberland. The nameof the Duke of Alva is still used as a bogy to frightenDutch children, and as the synonym of monster, butthe heroism of the people who cut their dykes andcaused the ocean to overwhelm their land beforethey would surrender their religion and their liberty,is yet the admiration of the world.

Hall And Oates Torrent Greatest Hits


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