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[S1E11] We Make Our Own Light

It's always a little jarring when an anything-goes comedy delivers a mostly joke-free installment. Granted, there's really nothing funny about Ishigami's ostracization, but some of the sports festival scenes could have been punctuated by a bit more humor. While this may have detracted from the overall seriousness of the incident, it would have helped make the episode feel more in tune with the series as a whole. (Not even the episodes that deal with Kaguya's potentially traumatic upbringing have gotten quite this heavy.)

[S1E11] We Make Our Own Light

That said, Ogino seems a bit too evil to be believable at certain points. In addition to being a middle-schooler who arranges sexual liaisons behind his girlfriend's back, he implies that he may physically abuse Kyoko in retaliation for Ishigami's actions. This isn't to say that any of Ogino's actions are outside the realm of possibility, but his villainy feels over the top, even if the goal was to make the character as thoroughly irredeemable as possible to prevent the audience from feeling any sympathy for him.

When it was first revealed that 2015's long-awaited "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" would center on a "not the Galactic Empire" in the form of the First Order, it was hard not to roll one's eyes at the idea. That feeling only intensified when it came to light that the First Order would have its own Death Star-style superweapon in the form of Starkiller Base. Was this really the best premise the movie's creatives could come up with? The Empire all over again, only bigger and more extreme? As though the generation of civilians who grew up hearing stories about Emperor Palpatine's terrible regime would somehow get it in their heads that the real problem with the Empire was that it didn't go far enough. Talk about hack writing, eh?

It's been obvious for a while that the kids aren't alright in the Mothma household. Mon's teen daughter Leida (Bronte Carmichael) has spent much of "Andor" so far ducking out of her parents' social gatherings and either talking back to her mother or eying her with suspicion. The hope was that Leida merely believed Mon (Genevieve O'Reilly) was another misguided adult caught up trying to make the clearly broken system that is the Galactic Senate work when she should be ardently trying to overthrow it. Could it be that Leida's been unknowingly following in her mother's footsteps and covertly rebelling against the Empire this whole time?

If it wasn't made clear by the way the audio of this chant overlaps with the scene before this one (in which a sickly looking Bix is interrogated by Imperials), the visual of Mon drinking heavily as she watches this ritual unfold behind glass panels makes it crystal-clear: Whatever is going on here, it's exactly the sort of thing Mon wanted to protect Leida from.

Is Leida doomed to find herself trapped in an arranged, impassionate marriage like Mon without realizing it? Might this be the latest (and hardest) sacrifice Mon is forced to make in service of the dawning Rebellion? "Andor" has proven to be a show about the harsh realities of what it takes to start a true revolution and the ways people are often complicit in their own oppression, so it's a real possibility. As we've seen in the real-world, breaking these types of terrible cycles is rarely as easy as we would like.

In '...And the Beast from the Sea,' the 11th episode of Hannibal's third season, both Francis Dolarhyde and Will Graham must come to terms with their fractured egos. Dolarhyde's true self, the Great Red Dragon, is being thwarted by his growing love for a woman, Reba. Reba touches Francis in ways that he has never experienced, nor knew he was capable of experiencing. Will's love for his family and desire to live an idyllic life with them in the woods is merely a distraction from who he really is: a man of action and a brilliant investigator with a perverse attachment to the darkness that lives within humanity. There is one common thread between these two men piecing together their broken psyches, and that is Hannibal Lecter. Call Hannibal what you want; a monster, a killer, the Devil; but one thing Hannibal is not is conflicted. Hannibal knows exactly who he is and his intentions and actions never contradict his belief system. Hannibal gets Francis to see that Francis's goo goo ga ga feelings for Reba are merely a distraction, and he gets Will to see that Will's belief that he could live a happy and quiet life with his wife and son is a delusion (his wife and son's names, Molly and Wally, seems to highlight the ridiculousness of his family fantasy). At the mid-way point of the season, when the plot jumped ahead three years and The Red Dragon plot line initiated, Hannibal's role as the primary antagonist wasn't removed but altered. He is still the Master of Puppets and pulling all of the strings, but just because he is evil doesn't mean he is wrong. Hannibal believes people should act on their wills and be true to themselves, and that is exactly what he brings out of his former friend and his new pupil.

The Dragon makes his move on the Graham family, but Molly seems to anticipate his coming and is able to get her and Wally out of the house. She is extremely self-reliant, and sets up a ruse to throw off the Dragon. Wally and Molly reach the road, and a driver lets them in his car just before getting shot in the back. Molly drives the car away, taking one bullet in the process.

Francis waits for Reba in her projection room. Francis asks her about her memory of light, "Do you remember the light, is it worse to have seen it?" Reba tells him that while she can't have the light, there are things she can have. This statement of truth results in Francis breaking down, "I don't know what is happening to me," he says, "You threaten me, but you don't threaten me." Reba tells him it's ok to be confused, consoling him.

Hannibal receives his call from the Dragon, who is sobbing. "You are the Dragon, you don't have to be afraid," says Hannibal, "You are becoming and the Dragon is your higher self." Francis is actually in seek of women advice, informing Hannibal of the breakup with Reba. "You are almost blind to your own true feelings," says Hannibal. Alana and Jack are also on the line. Francis tells Hannibal he is afraid that Reba will come to his house to talk, and that the Dragon will make an appearance and know how easily Reba "will tear." "She called me a man, a sweet man," says Francis smiling at the (false) suggestion.

I made the decision to keep the existing wood floors throughout the house, but to lighten them up a little bit by sanding and restaining them. The floors were one of the biggest character pieces in the house, so I knew updating them to feel more current would really tie everything together.

Now that Cori and Paul are empty nesters, I wanted them to have a more sophisticated space to have dinner together or with family and friends. Keeping it simple, I added some luxe touches like the drapery and comfortable, upholstered chairs from my shop to make this area feel elevated and special.

This family room is a place that Cori, Paul, and the rest of their family like to gather in and catch-up or just chill out. After fixing the hole in the wall from the previous air conditioner, it was time to get to work on the glass accordion doors. These were an important part of the project, and I was so excited to see them in place and show the family. These doors really make the house feel bigger while merging indoors with outdoors, which is a core element of midcentury design. I wanted this room to ultimately be a cozy space to relax and unwind.

I knew I wanted this bedroom to be a study in contrasts, so I chose a vintage-inspired metal bed and paired it with furniture pieces that added in lightness and texture with caning detail. The Baruna line of furniture in my shop is a design accent I use a lot because the pieces can be the star of the show or simply blend in with a stronger design theme.

Now onto the walk-in closet we created from that extra square footage we grabbed from the unused bedroom and the hallway. I really wanted Cori and Paul to feel like they had a home that was designed just for them after a long and happy life in this home raising a family. It was their turn to relax. A walk-in closet really helps reduce clutter and makes digging through tight closets and packed dresser drawers a thing of the past.

Sam Altman: And I think we have a responsibility to talk about what happens when it keeps going. And I think we have some big societal decisions to make about what happens when it gets smarter than we are.

But I think longer term, measured on the sort of like geologic time scales, this question of what do we want the role of humans to be in the world and how do we make sure the world is good for humans in the broadest sense, uh, I think that is the biggest ethical question of our lifetime.

What human rights look like, what the role of humanity looks like, what the new socioeconomic contract, with your government looks like. These are, these are questions that everyone deserves to lay it on and that we should make a collective decision and not sort of the will of the people who write the software.

Sheldon: Oh, yes. We had a tree, we had a manger, we had an inflatable Santa Claus with plastic reindeer on the front lawn. And to make things even more jolly, there were so many blinking lights on the house they induced neighbourhood-wide seizures.

Kristin: Right?!? As the concrete is being poured, Mina mentions that the neighborhood association required them to make a front patio to provide a friendlier neighborhood vibe. I hope they add some more to the footprint. And since the couple is expecting their first child, they will need room for toys.

Megan: The design will be pretty modern, which these days means mostly white with some black accents. Mina and MJ pick light ash-gray floors to make the small floor plan feel bigger and to go with the white-and-gray backsplash. MJ wants to add interest and break up all the light flooring with a dark countertop with some veining. He also wants to use the salvaged pillars to incorporate a built-in desk and shelving at the top of the stairs. 041b061a72


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