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Buy Monogram Fonts

Here are 35 of my very favorite free monogram fonts that you can use with your Cricut projects and other crafts! Choose from script monograms, single letter decorative monograms, block monograms, and more!

buy monogram fonts


Important: If you make crafts to sell, or just want a really professional-looking project, be sure to check out these high-quality monogram fonts with a commercial use license.

This fun monogram style works best with a 3 letter monogram. The first and middle initial are stacked on top of the other on the left, with the last name initial on the right. The first two initials, when stacked one on top of the other, equal the height of the last name initial.

The initials in a personal monogram can be arranged in two ways. Traditionally, they would be ordered first, last, middle. Or, in a block-style monogram, the initials would be ordered first, middle, last.

ESA fonts (Embroidery Specific Alphabets) are the most advanced and customizable type of embroidery fonts available because they are native font files. They are the gold standard in commercial embroidery.

ESA fonts are 100% object-based making them very friendly when it comes to resizing, especially with increasing size. Although the fonts can be decreased marginally, they can be increased in size almost without limitation.

In the early days of machine embroidery as a hobby, this is how lettering was primarily done before keyboard fonts entered the industry. These are single-letter embroidery designs that are not software specific. These fonts/letters have been digitized and converted to embroidery machine formats (such as PES, JEF, XXX, etc.).

Our fan-favorite Embroidery Legacy Design Club allows you to save up to 78% on our entire library of BX fonts, ESA fonts, and Stitch File embroidery fonts. All font sets can now be downloaded for 5 design points with all Legacy Design Club memberships.

There are tons of different styles of machine embroidery fonts available that will help you achieve your desired aesthetic. But what are they? Where do you find them? And, how do you work with machine embroidery fonts to create names, words, phrases and monograms?

Machine embroidery fonts are machine embroidery designs that have been created in an embroidery digitizing program. They have machine-specific information programmed in the font so that when you stitch out the name, words or phrase it will come out with the desired aesthetic.

The fonts that you use for machine embroidery are quite different from the fonts you use on your computer. You may be accustomed to downloading TTF and OTF fonts from various websites (such as and installing them on your computer so that they can be used by programs like Microsoft Word. But, an embroidery machine does not understand these formats. An embroidery machine only understands a specific embroidery file format.

There are a few inexpensive programs available that contain pre-digitized fonts. For example SewWrite gives you access to 70+ pre-digitized fonts. You simply open the software, type your words, select one of the fonts, scale the letters as you wish, and export the completed machine embroidery design.

Hatch by Wilcom is another machine embroidery design software that comes with machine embroidery fonts pre-installed. However, Hatch is full-blown digitizing program and is therefore significantly more expensive than SewWrite.

The second way to work with machine embroidery fonts (and BY FAR the most common method) is to buy font sets from a third-party retailer, typically an online retailer who will allow you to download your font files immediately after you purchase them. After you make the purchase, you simply need to download the files and save it to your computer.

The file you download is typically a ZIP file. You will need to unzip the file to access the embroidery files. Once you do, you will find that each of the letters, numbers and symbols included in the set will be an individual embroidery file. And, you will need to assemble these letters together to build your desired word, name, phrase or monogram.

The final way to work with machine embroidery fonts is to create them yourself. To create machine embroidery font files, you need access to a digitizing program that will allow you to create machine embroidery specific alpha-numeric characters.

While most digitizing programs are able to access your (TTF and OTF) computer fonts and automatically create an embroidery design based on the letters you type out, the results can be subpar. To create embroidery fonts that stitch out with the correct aesthetic, you may need to do a bit of manual digitizing on each letter.

Of course, if you are using you are just creating the fonts for your own project, you only need to generate the specific letters you need. But, if your goal is to create an entire letter set to resell, you will need to save each of the final files in an embroidery file format.

Another factor to consider if you plan to create your own embroidery fonts is copyright. Before you begin digitizing fonts, you will need to do your homework and find out if the font you want to use is under copyright.

Font size is also a critical factor in choosing an embroidery font for your project. Some fonts come in very small sizes which makes them appropriate for delicate items like handkerchiefs. Before you purchase a font, make sure it is available in the size you need.

Having a wide variety of fonts is a great way to add some style and personality to machine embroidered projects. Now that you know how to source, download and work with machine embroidery fonts, you can whip out embroidered projects with names, words, phrases and monograms in no time!

Monograms are all the rage these days! There are rules to monograms about how they should look for children versus adults and married versus unmarried people but currently most just use the monograms to personalize their belongings!

Monograms appear in the order of First Name Letter, Last Name Letter, and Middle Letter. So my monogram would be CSL. Monograms are normally written with the last name initial larger than the first and middle initials.

There are online monogram makers or free monogram generator apps and programs but it is really easy to make your own monograms yourself! Cricut Design Space, Silhouette Studio, Embroidery software, Word Document, Adobe Illustrator, and almost any program you can add and manipulate text will allow monogram creation!

These fonts are free for personal use only, if you require a commercial license to sell you will need to contact the individual designer to get permission for commercial use or purchase a commercial license.

Hi Antonia, the fonts that are used to make monograms are all linked. Click the link of the font you like and you can download it to your computer. Then you can follow this tutorial to make a monogram design to use with your cutting machine. -to-make-a-monogram-in-cricut-design-space/

If you have decided you want to monogram towels, clothing, blankets, and any other personal items, you will need a sewing machine that monograms. Either that or plan to monogram by hand with a needle and thread!

If you want to design your own monograms or make letters of different sizes, then you are likely looking for a sewing machine that is also an embroidery machine and as such monograms. Embroidery machines are typically costlier but offer much more functionality and variety.

In terms of the monogramming fonts, you are limited to just those 5 fonts as there is no way to import additional font files. You are also limited in size and the ability to edit aspects of the font. However, you are always able to use any of the decorative stitches to do free-motion embroidery.

However, this diverse machine sews, quilts, and boasts several on-screen editing features. Unlike the Brother sewing machines that monogram, the Janome 4120QDC has an actual touchscreen. Thus, it offers a little bit more to the user.

These embroidery machines will have built-in fonts for monogramming, but you can also import your own. This means either buying fonts or pre-made monograms online or designing your own using embroidery software. (I show you how to design a monogram embroidery file in Sew What Pro if you want to check that out!)

In terms of built-in fonts, there are 6 fonts that come in sizes small, medium, or large. This allows you to put together 2 small letters and one large letter on the screen to create a monogram. There are also built-in frames and borders to jazz up the monogram a bit.

First, it comes with its own Embroidery Intro PC Software. This has another 10 included fonts and the ability to create an unlimited number of other embroidery fonts for monogramming. You can also create decorative monograms within the program. This saves having to buy additional software, which is the case with most embroidery sewing machines that monogram. Of course, you can use a USB to transfer designs to the machine also.

In terms of a sewing machine that comes with a lettering font, the Brother HC1850 and XR9550 are usually the least expensive. You have very limited options with fonts in sewing machines, though, so make sure the size of letters will be adequate for the clothes you want to stitch.

Hi Lay, I Recent purchased the singer quantum 9960 and I really do like the machine. However I made the mistake of not getting a machine with USB option or Wi-Fi. I wanted monograming and embroidering but I did not know on the 9960 you cannot increase sizing for monograming. So now I am looking for a machine that has USB for design import and ability to increase letter and monograming size along with embroidering features. I would love the jade 35 or sparrow X, but kind of pricey. Would like to stay under $425.00. It took me months to decide on the 9960 and I choose auto tension over USB (SE 600 brothers was the other choice) I hate having to adjust tension. Any other suggestions? 041b061a72


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