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Timofey Shooters
Timofey Shooters

The Ancient Art Of Tea: Wisdom From The Old Chi...

Wisdom arises from reflecting on unmediated experience. Accepting what we learn from unmediated experience may be a yellow brick road that might get us to wisdom, however temporarily. Stupidity envelops us when we think we know something and we do not. Arrogance characterizes certainty that we know something when we do not. Wisdom arises when we are open to experience and emotionally available to others.

The Ancient Art of Tea: Wisdom from the Old Chi...


We shall explore each in turn. But first a reminder. I have been taking the four stages of life from ancient India and overlaying them on the four seasons. In this picture, the stage of Forest Dweller appears in the midst of the downward and inward energy of Autumn.

The book goes back and forth between the knowledge the author gleaned from his research in libraries, his insights into wisdom, and his character studies as he struggles to bring clarity to this little-understood human trait. 041b061a72


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