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Beyond the adventure itself, the books in the D&D Starter Set are extremely useful. They're a perfect companion to your DM kit, containing maps, rules, adventures, and monster stat blocks to run many adventures outside of the pages. The pre-gen character sheets are also extremely useful, mainly for their ability to level up from 1 to 5 right on the sheet. The various maps of the locations in Phandelver also fit very common locations in many adventures such as ruined castles, rogue dens, ruined villages, monster-infested caves, and dwarven mines. We can easily repurpose these locations to fit our own adventures. While this Starter Set gives us roughly a 12 hour adventure, we could make adventures for hundreds of hours with the materials we have inside.

Lost Mine of Phandelver

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It began with the discovery of a map by the Rockseeker brothers, a map purporting to show the location of the Lost Mine of Phandelver. The mine had been an important resource for the ancient Synari empire, where the lost art of spellforging was put into practice to craft all manner of enchanted arms and items. When the Age of Winter fell upon the mortal world, the Synari empire fell, and in the aftermath of orcish invasions, the location of the mine was lost to history.

Needless to say, the rediscovery of the mine would be the business opportunity of a lifetime. And so the Rockseeker brothers began to plot in secret, hoping to claim the lost wealth of Phandelver for themselves. Supposedly, they had even succeeded in finding the mine somewhere in the hills north of Phandalin. Two of the Rockseeker brothers, Nundro and Tharden, were left to guard the mine, while Gundren returned to Hubtown to find assistance in reopening the mine.

It was then that Sildar Hallwinter, in truth an agent of the Lords' Alliance, learned of the Rockseekers' discovery and offered his services as bodyguard to Gundren. In truth, Sildar intended to investigate the truth of Gundren's story, and, if the lost mine had truly been rediscovered, alert his superiors in order to ensure that the mine was put to use for the benefit of Althoria.

Yet on the road to Phandalin, Sildar and Gundren were ambushed by Klarg the Bugbear and his goblin minions. Apparently, Klarg was working under orders of someone who called himself the Black Spider, who seemed to have his own plans for the lost mine. The goblins confiscated all of Sildar and Gundren's possessions, including the map to Phandelver, and sent Gundren with a goblin escort to the chief of the Cragmaw goblins at Cragmaw Castle.

The heroes spent some time investigating the whereabouts of Sildar's contact, Iarno Albrek, as well as assisting the townsfolk in such matters as the Courting of the Banshee, where the heroes went to the ruins of Conyberry at the behest of Sister Garaele in order to learn from the banshee Agatha the whereabouts of a lost spellbook.

Reidoth was all too glad to reveal the location of Cragmaw Castle to the adventurers, but upon learning their larger purpose in the hinterlands--the rediscovery of the Lost Mine of Phandelver--the druid grew dark in his countenance. Gratitude bound Reidoth to reveal that he knew the location of the Lost Mine--after all, he knew these lands as well as anyone living--but with the revelation came a dire warning. Citing the theories of a dragonborn druid he once met, Reidoth warned that the substance upon which the fortune of Phandelver was built--crystals of solidified magic called mana--could be connected with an ancient and terrible evil which lied dormant in the heart of the world. Reidoth preferred that the mine stayed lost, but ultimately left the fate of the mine to the heroes who saved Thundertree.

Mistaking the dark elf woman for the Black Spider, the heroes launched a full-on assault. Yet when Shakira unleashed her moon magic upon the dark elf, the woman writhed in agony, her form twisting and revealing itself to be a doppelganger. King Grol and his pet wolf were the first to fall, and when the doppelganger realized it would not be leaving the castle alive, it made a last-ditch effort to murder Gundren in a futile attempt to prevent the party from finding the lost mine. Ryathon's swift blade proved to be Gundren's salvation, and as the doppelganger fell to die on the floor, the party moved to revive Gundren.

The newly conscious Gundren expressed equal parts joy at being rescued and eagerness to escape the castle quickly, but not before he recovered his map to the lost mine. The heroes found the map in short order underneath the late King Grol's filthy mattress, but they withheld the map from Gundren, expressing the concerns Reidoth had presented to the heroes. Gundren was outraged: the map and the mine were both his by rights, he claimed, and he would not sit idly by to be deprived of his fortune.

Each man made his case for ownership of the lost mine. Gundren reiterated that the mine ought to be his, by right of discovery, and that the dwarf had suffered too much in the pursuit of his destined fortune to be denied. Reidoth instead argued that the mine ought to remain lost forever, as reopening the mind could awaken a nameless evil that would best be left to slumber.

Sildar expressed his doubt that the mine could remain forever lost, arguing that someone, at some time, would eventually rediscover the mine, and that the pragmatic course of action would be to ensure that the mine did not fall into the wrong hands. Indeed, Sildar warned, he had recently learned that a shadowy cabal of ruthless merchants, criminals, and spies known as the Zhentarim could well have operatives within the town of Phandalin itself.

Sildar argued that the mine ought to be left to the protection of the Sovereign of Althoria, whose governors could protect the mine while ensuring it would remain unexploited. Pressed by Reidoth, Sildar was forced to concede that he could not guarantee the lords of Althoria would simply watch over an empty mine: the risk would always remain that the Althorian nobility, tempted by the promise of wealth and power, would simply open the mine for themselves.

Sildar concluded by identifying three apparent courses of action: give the mine to Gundren Rockseeker and his brothers, leave the mine abandoned in the wilderness and hope that no future villains would attempt to claim the mine, or entrust the mine to the government of Althoria and hope the nobility would resist the temptation to reopen the mine.

In any event, the next course of action was clear. The Black Spider was doubtless at the mine already, and his plot could not be allowed to come to fruition. The heroes needed to use the map to find the location of the Lost Mine of Phandelver and put a stop to the sinister machinations of the Black Spider once and for all.

After a day of searching, the heroes at last came upon the entrance to the Lost Mine of Phandelver. Cautiously, the party approached, venturing into a large cave in the side of a hill. The heroes were horrified to discover the corpse of Tharden Rockseeker, brother and business partner to Gundren. Concluding that Tharden had been slain by the Black Spider or his minions, the heroes laid Tharden to rest in the entrance of the mine--a lordly burial indeed.

So it was that Ragnar came to find the rest of the party. The Heroes of Phandalin welcomed Ragnar, grateful for the strength he offered. And so they ventured into the mine, fighting such horrors as wretched, acidic slimes and hordes of zombies (which, so the stories claim, were dispatched through the creative use of an old smelter).

Clearing room after room of long dormant horrors, the party at last came to a cavern full of the Black Spider's insidious servants. The heroes planned a clever ambush; yet, as Ryathon circled 'round the mine to flank his opponents, he stumbled into the chambers of the Black Spider himself. Ryathon quickly retreated, but the Black Spider's minions pursued Ryathon just as the enemies in the cavern became aware of the party's presence.

Eventually, the Black Spider's forces dwindled to a paltry handful. Yet it was then that the Black Spider himself emerged, astride a spider larger than a horse. As he declared his intent to take the mine "for the glory of the god deep within the world," the Black Spider unleashed a torrent of arcane magic upon the heroes.

In the aftermath of the great battle, BX and Ragnar slumped against the cavern's wall, exhausted as they were from the heroic feats they had performed. While Shakira probed nearby chambers for a safe place to rest, Ryathon scouted the Black Spider's hideout in search of treasure. Shakira found a locked room where the pungent stench of a dwarf left wounded and unwashed emanated; meanwhile, Ryathon busied himself with collecting the treasure that the Black Spider had hoarded from his initial explorations of the mine.

It was then that the party met Nundro Rockseeker, brother to Gundren and Tharden, who had been locked in a chamber and interrogated mercilessly by the Black Spider and his minions. Nundro gave his deepest thanks to the heroes for liberating him and killing his captors. But the heroes were not done yet: evil still dwelt within the mine, and the heroes were more determined than ever to clean the mine once and for all. Furthermore, a map that had been found in the Black Spider's satchel marked the location of the long-lost Forge of Spells within the mine--and the heroes, having come so far in their quest, figured they might as well see what all the fuss had been about.

After a brief detour through a cavern echoing with the sounds of subterranean waves, the heroes found themselves at the Forge of Spells. It was here that the heroes encountered a spectator, a lesser species of beholder conjured by mages to serve as guardians. Through guile, the heroes convinced the spectator that they were the mine's new owners, and so the spectator simply disappeared. A combat avoided, the heroes were rewarded with being the first to enchant their weapons within the green flames of the legendary Forge of Spells. Though the magic of the forge had been greatly diminished over time, the temporary enhancement to their arms gave the heroes the needed edge to clear the rest of the mine of the undead haunting it. Even the most fearsome of these undead, a dreadful wraith, proved no match against the party. 041b061a72


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