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[S5E15] Is This Really How It's Going To End !

The episode opens on the campaign trail; Lucifer has invited his brother Jophiel to Lux for a night of hedonism. The two of them have enjoyed partying together through the millennia, and Jophiel and Lucifer have always been close, with Jophiel recalling when Lucifer pantsed Napoleon. Because of this, Lucifer thinks he might sway Jophiel's vote with a jog to these memories and an offer of Belisario Viscount, the finest vodka in the world. Jophiel, however, can't quite see Lucifer as God. Lucifer reminds Jophiel of Michael's smear campaign against him that went back for millennia, and that he was responsible for suggesting to God his powers were going. Jophiel acknowledges, "Yeah, Michael's kind of a dick.... But he keeps the trains running, you know?" Lucifer is incensed, "Michael has got your vote because...he's the Devil you know? Do you have any idea how ironically infuriating that is?"

[S5E15] Is This Really How It's Going To End !


At the scene in a wine locker, Dan approaches Ella and tries to get her to agree to meet his old partner, Carol. Ella is reluctant to start dating again, and objects to Carol having "a girl name." Lucifer and Chloe enter the scene, and Lucifer comments on the tragedy, after a beat, Ella realizes he means the spilled wine. It is Lucifer who points out that the victim, a morgue attendant, could never afford such a collection, and Dan heads off to check on the financials. Chloe takes a moment to look around and reaches a decision. At the precinct Chloe assembles everyone, and announces she has handed in her two-week notice and wants to tell everyone "goodbye for now." Ella is shocked, and asks Dan if he knew this was coming. Dan says, "No. But I got a pretty good idea what it's all about. Or should I say who it's about." Lucifer embraces Chloe after she finishes her speech. Dan tells Chloe she is very happy for her, but Ella, is not very happy and tells Chloe that she does not want to solve crimes without her. Chloe tells her she is leaving to help Lucifer when he takes over the family business, leading Ella to realize that they are both leaving. Ella shouts at Lucifer in Spanish and hits him with a case file. She then storms off, taking the bottle of wine Lucifer had lifted from the crime scene.

Chloe and Lucifer then leave to question a suspect, a psychic called Odetta Watson. Lucifer mentions. "My dad did give some humans the gift, you know. Maybe this is one of the real ones." Chloe is skeptical, and once she points out that Odetta's partner is dead, Odetta gives them the basics of the scam she, the tech, Jonathan Donnelly, and a fence called TJ Ross had going.

That evening, a stunned and grieving Lucifer is in session with Linda, whom he tells they found the killers and made them pay. Linda tells him that while pain is inevitable, the suffering is optional. Angry, he shouts at her not to counsel him on pain and inevitability. Lucifer tells Linda her job should not exist; more specifically pain should not exist. Believing reality - "the system" - was broken, and has now hurt everyone he cares about. Lucifer tells Linda that this has forced his hand; now he needs to be God. Wondering what he means, Linda is told that "we are going to war."

Luci checks on Chloe and Trixie. Chloe thinks it should have been her going to the house. It was her case and she let him go alone. She asks Luci if this is all about something bigger. Luci says in order for him to be God, he has to go to war with Michael.

Although Dan had his own story arc throughout the series, he was always tied to Chloe. In this case, he was used as the perfect pawn in Michael's master plan, which goes to show just how villainous the Archangel truly is - and how far he would go to get what he wants. But it's unclear if this was always the plan. Lucifer season 5 was originally supposed to be the final season, and it makes sense for a show to kill off a major character - if not more than one - as it winds down; it's something many dramas go through in their final season. However, Lucifer is coming back for a sixth season, so that means there's still a chance Dan could return - if not in the flesh, then in some supernatural way.

Perhaps the most tragic part of Dan's death, though, is that he didn't go to Heaven; he went to Hell. It turns out Dan hadn't gotten over his own guilt yet, which came as a shocker to the other characters. With Dan gone, Lucifer is streamlining it story and cast going into its true final season. Who knows, it's possible other characters may die as the series comes to a close, with Lucifer losing more and more people at his side. As for Dan himself, it will be an adjustment not having Kevin Alejandro there anymore.

And of course, we can't forget Carrie Duncan (Jill Brennan), whose ensemble says "this hot flash isn't going to cool itself down." In an earlier scene, she wears a pair of jeans that lace the whole way up the sides ? I wanted a similar pair in middle school, but my mom said no.

Rory's behavior remains insufferable. At this point, she needs to leave Marty alone and stop using him as a replacement boyfriend when Logan is unavailable. I still think some of the onus is on him for failing to express his feelings, but Rory has to know that it's not chill to send mixed signals like this:

In the midst of this drama, Lorelai and Luke are both helping with the Stars Hollow Elementary School's production of "Fiddler on the Roof." Pre-breakup, Lorelai signed them up to help with the sets and costumes. When Bradley (Drake Johnston) and Lulu come into the diner to remind Luke of his commitment, he is initially so grouchy that he nearly has a child asthma attack on his hands. When Lulu mentions that Lorelai is also going to help out, he perks up and assures Bradley that he will not renege on his promise.

Marty's discomfort in this scene is palpable. At one point, Logan starts playing with Rory's hair as Marty dejectedly watches. Toward the end of the meal, he's snidely mocked for asking Colin if he missed his family while at boarding school. No one is openly nasty to him, but it's clear that he doesn't belong. When the bill comes and Colin announces that everyone owes $75, he awkwardly excuses himself to find an ATM. Colin bemusedly replies, "how quaint," which makes me wonder how exactly he gets money. I guess he probably has a servant bring him a wad of cash each morning for daily expenses.

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Rick finds Deanna looking over freshly dug graves in their town. She challenges him about his plans for Pete, which she seems all too aware of. Rick wants to warn him or execute him while Deanna wants only to exile him. He can't accept that decision since it puts the town in danger. The two agree to disagree, for now. Rick takes the issue directly to Jessie and says that the abuse has to stop. Jessie agrees, but tries to explain it away, though apparently it's a recurring issue with Pete. She questions Rick's motives and kicks him out, saying they can take care of themselves. Rick suffers a bit of a panic attack seeing all the relatively normal Stepford activities going on outside. He storms back into her house and tells her that her son Sam asked for a gun to protect her, and that she needs to fight, and to let him help her. He admits that he's helping her because he can't allow her to die, and she decides to stand up to Pete as soon as she realizes that the Alpha male is now on her side. The altercation escalates until Rick throws Pete out of the front porch window. More on that in a minute.

Like father like son, Carl is traipsing through the woods, creepily tracking Enid - the girl from town - but she catches on rather quickly. She leads him on a romp that's likely to end all Bridge to Terabithia for one (or perhaps both) of them. Sure enough, they happen upon a lone Walker in the woods. The girl sets a timer and throws it away from themselves so that it draws the Walker when it goes off; neat trick. Their run through the woods is a rare moment of freedom and fun for the two of them, so of course this will all end horribly. Since they hide together in a hollowed-out tree to let a Walker horde pass by, this easily could be the last we ever see of them, but it's a sweet moment of youthful romance ... despite the rotting fleshbags with Ws carved into their heads stumbling by.

Though Deanna may be dragging her feet in deciding what to do with Glenn and Nicholas, Glenn makes his position quite clear to the cowardly killer. While it's a necessary scene, having Glenn back Nicholas into a corner makes me fear for his safety as this turncoat has already been shown to throw his friends under the bus if it means he can save his own skin. Sure enough, we soon see Nicholas unearthing a hidden handgun.

Janeway notes that, whatever the nature of this "queen", she obviously is very influential, having made Seven turn herself over to the Collective the day after contacting her. Chakotay wonders if Seven was instructed to return to the Collective, but Janeway recalls her conversation with Seven before the mission when Seven insisted that she had to be on the away team and go aboard the sphere or the mission would fail. Janeway tells Chakotay that Seven had seemed very afraid, as if there was something she knew that she could not tell. In hindsight, Janeway intuits that the Queen didn't instruct Seven per se; she threatened her with the assimilation Voyager's crew if she did not turn herself over to the Collective. Janeway orders Chakotay to compile a list of every available technology the Hansens developed to track the Borg. Seven saved them from the Collective by turning herself over, now it's time to return the favor.

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