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Buy Chanel Jewelry !!HOT!!

From 1933 onwards, Chanel had a close yet largely undocumented friendship with Duke Fulco di Verdura. A Sicilian aristocrat and jet-setting playboy, Verdura was an unlikely partner for self-made businesswoman, Coco Chanel. Evidently, out of the unexpected came revolution, as Verdura would help shape the future of Chanel jewelry. With a shared passion for Baroque and organic, unbridled shapes, Verdura and Chanel disregarded the classic criteria of sophisticated taste. As such, it was Verdura who designed the first silver cuff bracelet for Chanel, decorating it with a Maltese cross made of multi-colored, semi-precious stones, and mounted on white enamel. A thoughtful reimagination of classic garments, this Chanel bracelet was designed to replace a traditional shirt cuff. Coco Chanel personally adored these bracelets and would wear them constantly, notably stacking multiple mismatched cuffs on her wrists. Of all the Chanel bracelets ever crafted, the cuff is an undeniable icon that Lagerfeld made a reinvented staple of his earliest collections.

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The world of jewelry was, for a long time, the domain of men. But throughout the twentieth century, exceptional women have taken control and revolutionized the codes of the most prestigious houses. Meet the women who changed it all.

Founded by Gabrielle Coco Chanel in 1909, Chanel is synonymous with timeless elegance and unwavering femininity. Instantly recognized for its interlocking C logo, the French couture label is renowned for pioneering the Little Black Dress. Chanel's jewelry is classic with vintage appeal. Antiqued details, pearls and brand engravings feature across bracelets, necklaces, earrings and pins.

So far, her clothing designs were recognized for their lean silhouette, sleek look, and subtle palate. As mentioned, Chanel's taste in luxury jewelry was nothing short of theatrical and bold. It was never just a single strand of pearls. For Chanel, she chose to wear multiple pearl sautoirs that were loosely looped around her neck. She was also often photographed wearing them, thus her famed admiration of pearls.

Chanel managed to launch her first fine jewelry collection in the early 1930s. Her main inspiration were constellations. The collection featured amazing designs that included a diamond brooch in the shape of a star, a fringe necklace that could be used as a tiara, and the ever-magnificent Comète necklace. The Comète necklace featured a cascade of diamonds at one end and a diamond star at the other.

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The necklace also symbolizes more than just my love for fashion or a piece of fine jewelry, it's the first real designer piece I've ever purchase for myself. This makes the necklace a treasured constant in my wardrobe. I've decided that the necklace will be a family heirloom. My future great-granddaughter will be one lucky kid to have this baby. Investing in the classics, to me, is worth the hefty price tag, especially timeless accessories. 041b061a72


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