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Jeremiah Gray
Jeremiah Gray

Mel Bay Modern Guitar Method Grade 1 Book Pdf High Quality Download

Every concept presented in this method is reinforced by numerous pages of playing material and just the right amount of music theory, providing a solid foundation for the student guitarist. Includes access to online audio and video.

mel bay modern guitar method grade 1 book pdf download

Modern Guitar Method Grade 6, Expanded Edition, authored by Mel Bay and William Bay, contains studies, chord melody solos, chord studies, quartal harmony etudes, triad studies and duets in the keys of A, F#m, Eb, Cm, E, C#m, Ab, and Fm. The guitar method book presents a comprehensive listing of chords found in each key. For each key, etudes are presented in four different positions. Modern Guitar Method Grade 6, Expanded Edition gives you one of the most comprehensive approaches to contemporary guitar mastery available. Companion recordings are included.


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