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Jeremiah Gray
Jeremiah Gray

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SOLUTION: Submit a ticket through the service desk using this link: Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) Reset. We will reset your MFA settings on the back end and allow you to re-configure the app. MFA resets occur Monday - Saturday at 9am and 2pm and Sundays at 2pm.

LetU Link

To view and download the image files below, click on the link you wish to open. It will open in a new window. At the point you may click on the link and save it to your local computer. If you need any technical help, please contact us.

If you have previously registered for an course/exam, please use the link for that course/exam as included within the e-mail you received from[email protected] If you cannot find that e-mail, please check your SPAM/JUNKMAIL folderor use ourexam/course access link retrieval form to resend your e-mail. 041b061a72


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